Frankfurt/Zurich Weekend 2016 – Houston to Frankfurt

Check-in in Houston

Thursday morning we packed and took the 8:30am hotel shuttle to IAH. We were checked in and through security by 9am so we spent the time before our 10:30am flight walking around the airport.

Our plane for the short hop from Houston to Dallas.
Our converter power box came in handy in business class on the short flight from Houston to Dallas.

With Katie’s status, we got upgrades to first class for the short hop to Dallas. Although it was an older plane, the first class seats were comfy. After a very short delay on the tarmac due to weather in Dallas, the flight went smoothly. Despite the short flight time, we were served drinks and given a choice of snacks from a basket.

Katie in the Admiral’s Club business center.
JT’s set-up at the Admiral’s Club business center.

Upon arrival at DFW, we went to the terminal C Admirals Club. This lounge was large and nicely renovated. We got some work done in the business center before moving to the terminal D lounge for flagship first dining.

First class dining at the DFW Admiral’s Club
JT’s meal at first class dining

We both enjoyed the dining. This was JT’s first flagship dining experience. Katie had visited for breakfast before heading to Beijing, but lunch featured a better and more filling assortment of food.

Upon arrival at the gate, we found our departure was delayed by 45-60 minutes. This was not surprising since the newly refurbished 777-200ER aircraft was making a quick turn from Tokyo. JT managed to board early to do a photo tour of the aircraft.

The second row on the other side of the plane was our row – the aisle has lots of legroom.

We ended up having an open middle seat in our main cabin extra 3-seat row. This made the trip comfortable – it would have been a tight fit with a third person. Since the aisle seat was behind a 2-seat row, it has unlimited legroom and was great for using a laptop.

Katie’s chicken and rice departure meal
JT’s pasta departure meal

Departure drinks and dinner were served shortly after take off. JT opted for the pasta dish and Katie opted for the chicken. Although both were better than normal AA economy fare, the pasta was particularly good. It had good texture, a creamy sauce, and pleasant spices.

Sitting in our own 3-seat row

Katie went to sleep between dinner and breakfast, while JT bought wifi and used the time to work. The flight was particularly cold to Katie.

Breakfast was the normal cold box of yogurt, granola, muffin top, and dried fruit. Nothing to complain about, but nothing exciting either.

Frankfurt visitor’s terrace area

We took our time deplaning and in the Frankfurt airport. We went up to see the visitor’s terrace (3euro/person), but did not actually go out on it because (1) it was not yet open for the day and (2) it probably doesn’t provide much of a better view than inside. JT grabbed a coffee and Katie went to the airport police office to register for EasyPass (which will allow her to use the automated machines to enter and exit Germany).

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