Frankfurt/Zurich Weekend 2016 – Katie’s trip to Houston

This post is by Katie, about her trip to Houston on the way to Frankfurt. JT was arriving back in Houston after a trip to Manchester, so she met up with him in Houston.

On Wednesday I drove to campus, parked in my garage, and walked over to the nearby MegaBus stop.

I had paid $7 ($5 + $2 booking fee) for the 3.25 hour ride to Houston. I got a row to myself – as did almost everyone – and got some good work done on the bus ride.

We departed exactly on time and arrived a few minutes ahead of schedule. I walked to the nearby 102 Bush IAH Airport Express stop. The airport express still took 1.25 hours to reach the airport and made many stops. I got my laptop out though, and got some good work on this ride too. The bus arrived at IAH terminal C right on time.

JT met me at the bus stop, and we waited for the Candlewood Suites van he had called. It took a while to come, but it eventually did.

Our little bed at the Candlewood Suites

The Candlewood Suites was a long-term studio apartment style hotel. We settled in and then drove (since JT had driven his car over before his Manchester trip) to a nearby Waffle House for a quick dinner.  JT got a triple hashbrown while I ordered two eggs, hashbrowns, and toast.  It was a simple meal, but hit the spot for both of us.

After dinner, I still needed to get my steps in for the day. I first went to the fitness center – but since it was crowded, I instead opted to walk around the hotel grounds for about 30 minutes.

We watched the last game of the world series while working, and JT was able to get us confirmed on an earlier AA flight out of IAH. Once the game was over, we went to bed in our little double bed – which felt bigger and more comfortable that I expected.

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