About Us

We started dating in 2005 when we were both students at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. We married in 2009 and moved from Atlanta, GA to Austin, TX for Katie to attend graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin. We knew that we would be moving again once Katie finished her PhD, so we started saving up money for a ‘gap year’.

JT began contributing for The Points Guy in July 2015 with a series of three economy flight reviews (Air China, Lufthansa, Air Canada). At this point, our thoughts of taking a ‘gap year’ began to transition into a life of being ‘digital nomads’. JT initially planned to work as a freelance writer, but took an offer to join The Points Guy team as a full-time location-independent writer in February 2017. After contributing to TPG since 2015, Katie joined The Points Guy as a full-time writer in 2019.

We sold or donated most of our belongings in June 2017. Katie defended her PhD in June 2017, and we left Austin, TX a few days later with all of our belongings in a Honda Civic and a Honda Accord. We moved our belongings to our homebase in Tampa, FL before setting out with just two backpacks and two daypacks.

We continued traveling the world full-time for years before the COVID-19 pandemic brought our travels to a halt. In March 2020, we caught the second-to-last Delta flight back from Johannesburg, South Africa (booked using Flying Club points) and quarantined for weeks before splitting time between our parents for a few months.

When it became clear that travel wasn’t getting back to normal anytime soon, we bought an RV in August 2020 and moved into it with our cat Grace. We lived full-time out of the RV until we were fully vaccinated in April 2021. Then we transitioned to a hybrid lifestyle, splitting time between the RV and international travels.

For our latest travel plans, check out our upcoming travel schedule here. You can see a list of JT’s latest work here. And Katie’s articles can be found here.