Frankfurt/Zurich Weekend 2016 – Frankfurt Day 1

We eventually took the S-bahn to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof and walked about 5 minutes to the Frankfurt Intercontinental. We arrived around 11:30am. Although our room was ready, we were told we would have to wait until 3pm to check-in (unless we wanted to pay an early check-in fee). Comically, although the early check-in would cost, a late checkout (which we didn’t need) was offered for free since we have status. We were also told we’d need to pay 20 extra euros to both stay in the double room (we’d accidentally only booked a two-twin bed room for just one person). A second guest adds no cost to the hotel, so charging 20 extra euros seemed a bit ridiculous to us.

The Frankfurt Intercontential was not beautiful.

The room was nice but a bit outdated. In the end, it is safe to say that we don’t appreciate ‘nice’ hotels nearly as much as many other people.

We struggled to stay awake as we worked in the lobby. The hotel staff originally only gave us one wifi pass code (which only worked for one device), but JT was able to get a second by asking a different employee.

A bridge on our walk around Frankfurt.
Katie on the bridge.

We finally checked in shortly after 3pm. After setting up things in the room, we took a short walk along the nearby river front. After walking a while, we took a pedestrian footbridge to the other side off the river and went to eat at a traditional Frankfurt restaurant serving apple wine (German cider), Atschel.

Traditional Frankfurt restaurant Atschel
A bembel of apple wine (German cider)
2 Frankfurters (sausages) with sauerkraut and bread
Frankfurt Schnitzel (breaded, pork) with fried potatoes and Frankfurt green sauce

We were told we could sit at a communal table as long as we left by 6:30pm (presumably it was reserved after 6:30pm). This gave us 90 minutes for dinner, which was fine for us. We ordered a 4-glass bembel of German cider as well as “2 Frankfurters (sausages) with sauerkraut and bread” and “Frankfurt Schnitzel (breaded, pork) with fried potatoes and Frankfurt green sauce”. It ended up being a very enjoyable meal for 26 euros including tip.

ALDI Sud that we found

We stopped at a nearby ALDI supermarket for pretzels and bread before returning to the room. Although it was early, we were tired so we called it a night.

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