Landed in Lima

Our six hour Delta flight to Lima was uneventful. It was pretty comfortable though. We had a two-seat section by the window just behind the wing. There were individual entertainment systems in the seats so JT watched the Steve Jobs movie and we both watched some Parks and Recreation.

They did three beverage services, as well as a snack (peanuts and pretzels), dinner (salad, roll, crackers with cheese, chicken and rice, and a brownie), and breakfast (a ham sandwich, a cookie, and a banana so under-ripe that it could be utilized as a hammer in a pinch). But, overall, the food was better than expected. JT entertained the flight attendants with his attempts at Spanish, and stuck with trying at their insistence.

We checked our larger hiking backpacks, and put our small bags in the overhead. Hence, we had plenty of leg room and were able to take off our hiking shoes.

One interesting thing that we learned (from the flight attendants trying to sell us duty-free items): Peru has elections upcoming. To encourage voting (which seems to be mandatory), there are no alcohol sales for the days leading up to it (ban started Friday). They elaborated when JT inquired, saying that Thursday was the biggest alcohol sales day of the year.

We both slept for 2-3 hours on the flight. Then we sat in the Lima airport food court for about 2.5 hours waiting for 3:30am, which is when we could check into our 8am Star Peru flight to Cusco (and also check our larger backpacks). We are took turns sleeping, which was difficult due to music, loud announcements, and cleaning of the floors in the food court. But at least we seemed to be in a safe area.

At 3:30 we went downstairs to check into our 8am Star Peru flight. We got hand carry tags for our small backpacks, checked our large backpacks, and got seat assignments.  We got 1E and 1F, so we’ll be at the front of the plane. Hopefully we will have a good view!

Then we went through security and found some 3-seat benches to sleep on.  We picked a bad spot though, as we seemed to be at the gate of one of the first departures so there were never ending announcements that constantly woke us up.  However, after that flight left we slept fine until 6:45am, at which point we woke up and headed downstairs to gate 2.

 Katie sleeping in the Lima airport food court.

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