After a great morning and afternoon with Gene and Glenda, we have made it to the airport. We got to go down I-75 to the new international terminal – this was our first time being able to use it.
At bag drop, we got interested and amused stares at our laundry bags -which contain, and hopefully will protect, our hiking backpacks. Katie’s has “Cathy’s Cleaners – Only the Best” on the outside and mine is simply massive.
We made it through quick and friendly security. The random-item generator the TSA usually utilizes with JT was down, so we got through without a pat down. Unfortunately, we were not flying out of the new F terminal, but rather the old international terminal E.
Our 767 was at the gate ready for us and we loaded soon after. We found our seats 26G and 26F and are settled in. We will soon be on our way to Lima!

 Our 767 at the gate in Atlanta.
The check-in area for the new international terminal in Atlanta.

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