23 Hours in Atlanta

Once we landed in Atlanta on Friday, Katie’s parents picked us up. The original idea was to eat dinner with them, but due to the delay they opted to take Marta up to North Springs (where they had left a second car) and we went to the 7pm Georgia Tech volleyball game against Boston College.

We got to the volleyball game in the middle of the first set.  Georgia Tech ended up winning in 3 sets. Boston College looked pretty bad. It’s strange to be back at a Georgia Tech volleyball game, since we know so few people on the staff, on the team, or in the crowd after being so involved just 4.5 years ago.

Then we drove through campus, past our old apartment, and then went to a quick dinner at Willy’s.  We split chicken nachos (which is strangely something we had never gotten before at Willy’s), which were tasty.  Upon arriving home, we had some banana pudding that Katie’s parents had gotten from the Foster House.

In the morning we had a breakfast of  bacon, eggs, and bread with Katie’s parents. Then we went to Belk and AutoZone before heading down to lunch at Figo’s with Katie’s parents. Katie had butternut squash ravioli and JT had his favorite – linguine with salmone sauce. Then Katie’s parents dropped us off at the airport. We got to check-in in the new international terminal! Our adventure begins!

GTVB vs Boston College

 GTVB won in 3 sets

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