Day -1: Attempting to Leave Austin

It’s started! We woke at 6:20am to pack and get the house ready to leave.  We started our altitude acclimation medicines today, which already seem to be acting as diuretics.  We left the house around 9:45am to catch the 10:35am airport flyer from JT’s office.  It was rainy and cold in Austin today!

Once at the airport, we shared a taco salad from Maudie’s (since we were too rushed to eat breakfast at home).  Gotta enjoy our TexMex while we can!

The windshield wiper apparently broke on our plane, so we were delayed while Delta contacted all the other carriers in Austin to see if they could borrow a windshield wiper. Seriously.

Apparently no one was willing and able to share a wiper. So, we were delayed by about 3 hours while they flew a wiper in from Atlanta.  However, Delta gave us each $25 vouchers, so we used the first voucher to get Ender’s Game (for JT and Katie to read) and more Maudie’s.  This time Katie opted for chicken enchiladas and JT got a burrito.

Fixing the windshield wiper on our Delta plane.

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