Food Court in Lima Airport

In case anyone needs this for reference, the food offerings at the Lima Airport are:
– Heladeria 4D & Cafeladeria (gelato, pastries, coffee)
– Manos Morenas (Peruvian food, such as ceviche, loud music)
– Pardos Chicken
– McDonalds (of course)
– Papa Johns pizza
– Dunkin’ Donuts
– Pronto Cafe (coffee drinks, pastries, prepared sandwiches)
– Subway
– Knelhot (Peruvian Cinnabun?)
– Starbucks
– Mr. Pretzels (Nescafe coffee, pretzels)
All seem to be staffed and serving 24/7, as they were open from 1am-3:30am when we slept in the food court waiting for our 8am flight.

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