Semis and 3rd Place Game

On Sunday we played B-Human, an amazing team and 3 time SPL winner, at 9:40am in the semifinals.  We were down 3-0 after 6 minutes, and called a timeout to change from our normal strategy to a strategy with just really long kicks and walk kicks. We were down 6-0 at halftime. As such, we changed our strategy once more to be just dribbling – essentially just walking into the ball. This strategy was a good choice, as they only scored 2 goals in the second half for a final score of 8-0.  Perhaps we should have utilized the dribbling strategy for the entire game.
As you can imagine, such a loss left us pretty defeated.  We assumed we would lose, but had hoped it would be a better game.
After watching B-Human win the final against HTWK pretty easily, we played rUNSWift in the third place game.  This was a rematch of a second round robin game that we had won 2-1. However, this time we won 4-0.
Overall, an impressive finish for us considering our team size and the limited amount of work that we put in this year.  We’re all happy with our 3rd place finish, and we’re looking forward to Robocup 2014 in Brazil!

Large crowd for the championship match between B-Human and HTWK, both in terms of the public in the stands and the participants near the field.
Our six robots (5 starters plus 1 sub) ready to play the 3rd place game against rUNSWift.
rUNSWift and Austin Villa after our 3rd place game.
Austin Villa SPL after the 3rd place game.

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