Exciting day!

Other than all of the RoboCup competition excitement today, there were some other noteworthy items:

– Katie was interviewed by the Associated Press! RoboCup 2013 has allowed media all-access passes. An AP reporter was looking for a member of a US team and was pointed in Katie’s direction. I (JT) returned to the venue from a food run to see Katie in front of a news camera, answering questions and looking like she was having a great time. Let us know if you see or hear a story with Katie in there!

– Katie was also voted into the Technical Committee and named as the Technical Committee Chair. This is the highest-power position held by a team member. This past year, Katie was the Organization Committee Chair – but ended up doing the work of the organization and technical committees, due to lack of work by the others. So, she was the clear choice and received the most votes from the other teams. The trustees (faculty who have leadership over the RoboCup Federation) and execs (faculty who are leaders in the league) agreed that she was the best and named Katie as the Technical Committee Chair.

This position comes with a lot of power – and lots of work! The committee decides on rule changes, makes rulings on which teams to accept into the competition, and generally runs the league. Katie has two meetings already tomorrow: one with the trustees to discuss the long-range goals of the league and another with the members of the committee to talk about changes for the next year.

– Katie was also interviewed for the live steaming video of our quarterfinal game (sorry for no notice besides JT’s last-minute note on facebook – we found out at the last minute and were too busy). Duncan, our Dutch Nao Team friend, interviewed her a little during and a lot after the game.

Time for bed…

Katie being interviewed by the Associated Press.

Katie being interviewed by Duncan for the Robocup live stream after our quarterfinal game.

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