Stuttgart, Germany (4 nights)

We spent four nights by Stuttgart’s airport in the southern part of Plieningen – and loved it!

We spent all our our time working and didn’t do any touristy activities. Katie did walk over toward the U-bahn station in Plieningen to mail postcards one day, but other than that we stayed around Star Inn Hotel Stuttgart Airport-Messe.

Star Inn Hotel Stuttgart Airport-Messe

There was a small but nice park by the Plieningen U-bahn station.

Exotischer Garten by Plieningen U-bahn station

A few minutes walk from the hotel were fields between the hotel and the airport. Katie went to watch the sunset over the fields two nights – it was beautiful.

Sunset near the hotel, with Stuttgart Airport in the distance.


There were lots of places to find food close to the Star Inn Hotel Stuttgart Airport-Messe. Below we discuss a few of them.

Modern Asia

We ate at Modern Asia in the Stuttgart airport while waiting on the hotel shuttle. We both ordered massaman curry – Katie with tofu and JT with chicken.  The dishes were nothing amazing, but they were decent and probably one of the better options in the airport.

Curry from Modern Asia at Stuttgart Airport.

Ristorante da Domenico

Ristorante da Domenico is the closest restaurant to Star Inn Hotel Stuttgart Airport-Messe. We ate lunch here one day. We both ordered the lunch special, which consisted of salad and a pork schnitzel with fries.

Lunch special at Ristorante da Domenico

The food was high-quality and the service excellent – were were even offered after-dinner drinks for free.

Salad at Ristorante da Domenico
Pork schnitzel and fries lunch special at Ristorante da Domenico

Although we enjoyed our meal, we didn’t go back since (1) the price was more than what we could get at our favorite take-away restaurant and (2) we were usually in a hurry to eat and get back to work. This being said, it’s a great option for a friendly and tasty sit-down meal – we’d definitely recommend it!

Plieninger Kebap Haus

Man, we loved Plieninger Kebap Haus. After first trying it because we saw it was labeled “Turkish take-away” on Google Maps, we ate here three or four times during our four night stay at Star Inn Hotel Stuttgart Airport-Messe.

Menu at Plieninger Kebap Haus

JT loved their gyro wraps while Katie liked both their falafel, fries, and cheese pide. The employees were friendly and the food was both excellent and reasonably priced – what more can you ask for?

Doner wrap and cheese pide from Plieninger Kebap Haus
Doner wrap, cheese pide, and fries from Plieninger Kebap Haus

Stand between the Pool Hall and Library

We tried a different kebab stand one night. We found that the food wasn’t as good as Plieninger Kebap Haus, plus the price was higher and they didn’t have pide. We only tried this stand once.

Doner teller and falafel + fries wrap from the stand between the pool hall and library.

Netto Grocery Store

There was also a Netto grocery store near the hotel and farther into town. When we bought water bottles at both Nettos, we soon learned that each Netto only accepted bottles for return that were bought at that particular Netto location.  In other words, bottles bought at one Netto (or another brand) were not returnable to another Netto.

Having a Netto grocery store right next to Star Inn Hotel Stuttgart Airport-Messe was really convenient. We made meals out of shopping trips a few times, and bought (and returned the bottles) for a lot of drinks during our stay.

Grocery store dinner from Netto.


We waited until 11pm to find dinner one night, and sadly found everything closed except for the JET-Tankstelle gas station store near the hotel. We bought some cheese, meat, and chips for dinner that night and learned to get dinner before 10pm.

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