Star Inn Hotel Stuttgart Airport-Messe (Stuttgart, Germany)

We spent four nights at the Star Inn Hotel Stuttgart Airport-Messe. Our first three nights were spent in a suite, while the last night was spent in a business room.  Each night cost us just 8,000 Choice points.

We enjoyed our time in the suite. Sadly, this is the first hotel room we can remember that had a living plant in it.  Having the bedroom separate from the living room – and having both a desk and a couch in the living room – was a nice treat. One negative – the bedroom lights were on the same switch as the living room, so you could not turn off the overhead lights in one without turning them off in the other. There was a nice Ikea-style floor lamp in the living room that provided light on a separate switch though.

The living room in the suite
Two queen beds in the suite’s bedroom.
Unfortunately, there was no door between the living room and bedroom.
We loved having a live plant in the suite’s living room!
The entryway in the suite.

Packing up and moving from the suite to the business room was a pain after just three nights – but at least we were allowed to check in three hours early to our business room instead of having to wait in the lobby.

The business room’s bathroom was exactly the same as the suite’s bathroom. The similarities ended here though, as the business room had just a double bed, a desk with a chair, and another chair. This other chair was not particularly comfortable to sit in and work on a laptop though.

Business room.
Desk and chair in the business room

The bathroom was exactly the same in the suite and the business room. We loved the strong water pressure in the shower.

The hotel had a free shuttle to and from the airport on the hour and half hour between 7am and 7pm. The shuttle wouldn’t always run from the hotel though, so it was always a good idea to call if waiting at the airport.

There was a Netto grocery store about 5 minutes walking from the hotel and a variety of restaurants about 10 minutes walking from the hotel. Everything closed by 10pm though, so we had to resort to eating food from a nearby (5 minute walk) gas station convenience store at midnight one night.

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