Belgrade, Serbia to Novi Sad, Serbia

I checked out of Stella di Notte at 10:30am and walked about 10 minutes downhill to the Belgrade train station.

I bought a 2nd class ticket on the 11:35am 342 ‘Ivo Andric’ train from Belgrade to Novi Sad.

Ticket windows at the Belgrade Train Station.

I knew the price and time table from looking at the Serbian Railways website.

Information from the Serbian Railways website.

The train was waiting on platform 2 when I got to the platform.

It was a short three car train – two second class wagons and one first class wagon. An engine was attached to the first class wagon shortly after I arrived.

About 35 minutes before the 11:35am departure time, a conductor opened doors to the two second class wagons and checked tickets as passengers boarded.

My train ticket

The train was nicer than I expected – older but clean and comfortable enough.

Decent pitch!

A few seats even had power plugs next to them.

There were larger overhead racks for bags as well as luggage racks at the end of each wagon.

All seats said non-reserved since there were no reservation cards in the holders. But apparently my first seat was reserved, as I got kicked out at 11:20am. I easily found another seat, but worried that it might happen again. If you are traveling as a pair, really want a window, or definitely want a seat, then you might want to pay the seat reservation fee.

This seat was actually reserved, despite the lack of a reservation card.

The train was about 65% full leaving Belgrade. We left promptly at 11:36am.

Leaving Belgrade

More passengers boarded at Novi Belgrade, moving the train to 70% full. The train stopped two more times before reaching Novi Sad but remained about 70% full.

Typical scenery along the Belgrade to Novi Sad line.

About 40% of the passengers exited in Novi Sad, but plenty more people were boarding. The train was probably going to be standing room only when leaving Novi Sad.

Crowds of people waiting to enter the train in Novi Sad.

I exited the train station and went right around the roundabout until I saw a bus stop for bus 4. There were plenty of people waiting for the bus, which arrived after about 5 minutes. I bought a 55 RSD ticket from the driver and the bus took me directly to our AirBnB apartment for the next 8 nights.

Novi Sad bus ticket

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