Belgrade, Serbia (4 nights)

I was working hard in my private room at Stella di Notte during my four nights in Belgrade. I had two AAMAS papers to work on putting together and plenty of catching up on the blog. I still got to settle into a different neighborhood though – and I continued to really enjoy Belgrade as a safe and budget friendly city.

My first night in Belgrade I hurried out to Pasta Away for some delicious crema e pesto pasta (280 RSD). I ate my pasta in their temporary seating tent on the sidewalk. I was impressed how consistent this crema e pesto pasta was to the same dish I had from another Pasta Away when JT and I were in Belgrade just over a week earlier.

Crema e pesto pasta from Pasta Away

It rained almost all day on my first full day in Belgrade. I worked all day in my room, but hurried to the nearby Burrito Madre during a late afternoon break in the storm. I ordered a chicken burrito with special dried pork for 395 RSD. The burrito was cold and a little bland, but was otherwise a pretty good meal.

Chicken and dried pork burrito from Burrito Madre

On my second full day, I went for a walk around the city in the late afternoon. I visited the fortress and noticed there seemed to be many school groups visiting the fortress. I looped back towards Republic Square, where I decided to have a mid-day meal at Wok Republic.  JT and I had walked by this restaurant during our last trip in Belgrade, but never stopped.  I was glad I stopped – their green noodles were excellent! The green noodles were 550 RSD and a beer was 290 RSD.

Green noodles and beer at Wok Republic

After eating at Wok Republic, I walked past Stella di Notte and ended up reaching Tašmajdan park.

Serbia National Assembly building – located between Stella di Notte and Tašmajdan park.

Tašmajdan park was alive with people walking, exercising, and children playing. It was a really pleasant place to walk around for a while.

Tašmajdan park

As I was leaving the park, I decided to poke my head into the Church of Saint Mark.

Church of Saint Mark in Tašmajdan park

Even in the short 5 minutes I was in the church, there were many – seemingly local – people coming in for short prayers and donations.

Church of Saint Mark in Tašmajdan park

On my third full day, I picked up more crema e pesto pasta from Pasta Away for 280  RSD and ate lunch in Tašmajdan park.

Crema e pesto pasta from Pasta Away

After eating I walked around the park for a while, and noticed the We Were Just Children memorial that was erected after NATO ‘peacekeeping’ bombings in 1999. Although the bombing targeted Radio Television of Serbia, a nearby children’s theater was also damaged and many children were injured and killed. The bombing of the Radio Television of Serbia studio was very controversial because the civilian death toll was high when other methods could have been used to stop broadcasting.

We Were Just Children monument in Tašmajdan park

The realities of war – especially to civilians caught in the middle of a war – have become very real after visiting Sarajevo and Belgrade. Both cities experienced wars in my lifetime. It certainly has made me think a lot.

Tašmajdan park

In the evening on my third full day, I walked on Kralja Milana towards Trg Slavaja. I had read that Trg Slavaja had a pretty musical water fountain in the evenings – but when I reached the round-about, all I found was a large construction area. Disappointed, I turned around and walked back to Burrito Madre for a 370 RSD burrito before returning to Stella di Notte.

Chicken burrito from Burrito Madre

On my fourth morning, I checked out of Stella di Notte by the 10:30am check-out time and walked to the Belgrade train station to catch a train to Novi Sad.

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