Nagasaki, Japan to Nagoya, Japan

After visiting the atomic bomb hypocenter in downtown Nagasaki, we caught a 50 minute bus to Nagasaki airport. The bus was 900 yen ($8.18) per person, but we were able to buy a 2-for-1600 yen ($14.54) ticket at the ticket machine.

Entryway (and schedule) for the bus from Nagasaki city to the airport.

The bus arrived a few minutes before 6:10pm. A few other people boarded with us, but there was still plenty of space to spread out. The bus stopped a few more times to pick up passengers before we entered an elevated highway. This highway snaked around Nagasaki to the airport. The views of the forested mountains, coves, and small coastal towns were beautiful. We arrived at the airport on time just before 7pm.

The bus from Nagasaki city to the airport.

We quickly checked our bags and went in search of food. We ended up eating at the airport restaurant where JT ordered an appetizer set plate of a beer and fried potato wedges for 1000 yen ($9.09) and Katie ordered a bowl of ramen for 820 yen ($7.45). The food was quick and pretty tasty, but JT’s dish was smaller than he hoped so he went and bought a rice ball from the 7/11 as well.

We cleared security 25 minutes before departure. JT used the time before boarding to eat his rice ball and we both enjoyed watching a 7/11-sponsored documentary on how rice balls are made. From what we understood, the fillings are still hand squeezed and hand spread!

Boarding completed within a few minutes – it amazes us how quickly ANA boards their planes! We were assigned a window and middle, but no one was seated in the aisle seat so JT took it.

This flight was more crowded than our flight from Nagoya to Nagasaki, but it was still only about 60 percent full. The flight itself was rather uneventful and JT slept for most of it.

Once at the Central Japan airport (NGO), we took the 9:47pm limited express Meitetsu train 32 minutes to Kanayama station. At Kanayama station, we switched to the subway and headed to the APA Villa Hotel Nagoya Marunouchi Ekimae.

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