AAMAS-16: Singapore

This series is written by Katie about her trip to AAMAS 2016 in Singapore, Singapore.

I found my time in Singapore to be jam packed.  Between attending the AAMAS Agents Summer school, presenting a paper at AAMAS, networking, and enjoying the city, I admittedly did not take the time to blog nightly as I often do on trips.  As such, this post is more of a photo college than a normal blog post.

I enjoyed my time in Singapore, and found that with a 9 night stay I was able to really integrate myself into the city and culture.  I look forward to visiting Singapore again – the food, culture, and tourism infrastructure are exceptional.

My bunk at Adler Hostel
My bunk at Adler Hostel
The walk through a Chinatown market from Adler Hostel to the metro
SMU hosted the pre-AAMAS summer school
Gardens by the Bay
Super forest at Gardens by the Bay
Lanterns in Chinatown
Food from a hawker market after the AAMAS soccer game
Marina Sands and downtown Singapore
At night with downtown Singapore behind me
Gardens by the Bay at night
Marina Barrage views
Laying on the artificial grass at Gardens by the Bay
Keynote by Peter Stone
Talk by labmate Sanmit
Giving Way Glenda – one of many fun metro signs
Southern Ridges hike
Southern Ridges hike
Southern Ridges hike
Snake on Southern Ridges hike
Southern Ridges hike
Hawker mall at the end of the Southern Ridges hike
Delicious chicken and rice in Little India
Taking the ferry to Pulau Ubin
The ferry boat leaving
The pier to Pulau Ubin
We rented bikes to ride around Pulau Ubin
The bikes Sanmit and I rented
A pier at Chek Jawa
Boardwalk through the mangroves at Chek Jawa
Boardwalk through the mangroves at Chek Jawa
Jejawi Tower at Chek Jawa
It started raining as we left Chek Jawa
We stopped for drinks and fresh fruit at Ah Ma Drinks Stall
Sentosa was our final stop on the day we went to Palau Ubin
There was plenty of artwork in Sentosa
The beaches at Sentosa were popular
We walked over a suspension bridge to Palawan Island
Palawan is the southernmost point in continental Asia
Palawan Island had some cool towers you could climb
We ended our last night enjoying an open-air concert that seemed to be a high-school graduation party. We sat in the grass for hours listening to the music and watching the party.

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