AAMAS-16: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

This series is written by Katie about her trip to AAMAS 2016 in Singapore, Singapore.

I had about 2.5 hours from when my Malaysia Airlines flight landed to when my Malindo Air flight departed.  This was a bit stressful because I had to clear customs and immigration into Malaysia, reclaim my baggage, check-in to my Malindo Air flight, check my baggage, exit Malaysia, and then finally be ready to board my Malindo Air flight to Singapore.  Luckily, everything went smoothly!

However, this was a situation in which I was very thankful that I had booked a ticket on Malindo Air, which departs from KLIA1.  Most other budget airlines depart from KLIA2, which would have required me to take either the train or a bus between terminals (the terminals are actually more like separate airports).

The Malindo Air plane for the short hop from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

When I reached the gate, people were queuing for security. I walked around for a while before clearing security and then boarding the plane.

The legroom on Malindo Air was decent, especially for such a short flight
Simple but crisp seating

The cabin on the Malindo Air plane was sleek and new-looking.  I was very impressed to find in-seat entertainment in each seat back.

Seat back entertainment screens

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore was just 60 minutes from push-back to arrival.  However, in this time each passenger was provided a complementary corn muffin and cup of water.

Complementary muffin and water during the flight

I’d 100% fly Malindo Air again – the aircraft was nice, the flight attendants were nice enough, and the seats were pretty comfortable.

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