Montreal Day 3

This post is written by Katie, about her time in Canada before the 15th Annual North American Bird Strike Conference.

I awoke at 9am, enjoyed bagels and boiled eggs for breakfast, and then worked on my slides and rehearsed silently in the dining area until 1:30pm.

I cooked two grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, met an Above & Beyond fan from Norway, and then took my belongings back to my room. The weather was looking better, so I decided to go explore. I headed to the Jean-Paul Mousseau metro stop first, where I rented a Bixi bike. I bought a 24hr membership for CAD5. As long as you return the bike to a station before 30 minutes have elapsed after each bike checkout, you incur no extra charges.

I biked to the Olympic area, where I saw the rowing basin and the cycling(?) track which was very popular with road bikers and runners. Then I took cycling route 1 over to the Lachine Canal route, where I biked for a while. Of course, I had to check in my bike at various stations along the way, which usually required a detour since there are very few Bixi Bike stations actually on the Lachine Canal route. The entire route was relatively flat and pleasant. I recommend it!

Olympic Rowing Basin

Olympic Cycling Track

St. Laurent River and Montreal

Biking towards Montreal next to the 112

Path along the Lachine Canal

 Bixi Bike station

The Bixi bikes, although very cheap, were not easy to pedal. One of the CAD25/day HI-Montreal rental bikes certainly would have been nicer. The benefit of the Bixi bikes was the fact I could pick up at bike at a station and drop off the bike at a station, removing the need to bike to/from the hostel or navigate public transit with a bike (both of which seemed undesirable).

Near the end of my bike ride / near the last Bixi bike station near the Lachine Canal, I saw St Ambroise Terrace at St Ambroise brewery. I recognized the name as a place HI-Montreal stops on their bike rides, so I stopped in for a CAD6 20oz beer. It was probably one of the tastier beers that I’ve had at a brewery!

St Ambroise brewery on the Lachine Canal

Beer with a view on the St Ambroise Terrace

After drinking my beer on their terrace looking towards the Lachine Canal, I walked back along the Lachine Canal for a short time before heading for a nearby metro station.  The metro quickly took me back to HI-Montreal, where I cooked dinner, did another practice talk with my slides, and then went to sleep early so I would be well-rested for the conference.

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