New York for ABGT 100 – Day 2

Since we had a late night, we slept until 10am to give us a good eight hours of sleep. We get ready quickly and headed out to catch a bus to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

We started looking for good breakfast options once we got off the bus near the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. We found 49 Gourmet Deli – a simple corner deli – in the Hell’s Kitchen area nearby and ordered breakfast omelets, home-fries, and toast. The food was filling and good, and the service was friendly. The meal came out to $17 total including coffee.

Breakfast at 49 Gourmet Deli

Next we headed over to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Our main interest in the museum stemmed from the fact that they had a British Airways Concorde (G-BOAD) that you could tour. Secondary highlights include that they also have the Enterprise space shuttle, are housed on the aircraft carrier Intrepid, and also have many cool planes.

Hence, we bought tickets for Intrepid museum and space shuttle pavilion ($31/person) as well as tickets for the 2:00pm-2:45pm Concorde tour ($20/person). We wandered the exhibits on the air craft carrier, which were surprisingly detailed and interesting before it was time for our 2pm Concorde tour.

JT manning an anti-aircraft gun

JT with  a Mercury Capsule

 JT joined the children in squeezing himself into a Gemini capsule

The Concorde tour was interesting, although we already knew a lot of details about the Concorde.  However, getting to sit in the Concorde and see the cock-pit was neat.  Only the front part of the plane was open for the tour, which was somewhat disappointing.  Our guide was a friendly gentleman who added some nice color to our pre-exisiting knowledge about the Concorde.

The Concorde in its permanent position on the Intrepid by the Hudson River

JT and I in the Concorde cockpit

View of the Concorde cockpit

The passenger area of the Concorde, with the closed off area in the rear

The Concorde on the deck of the Intrepid

After our Concorde tour concluded, we saw the Enterprise Space Shuttle, although it is difficult to see and appreciate the space shuttle since it is crammed into the ‘space shuttle pavilion’ which is hardly bigger than the space shuttle itself.  We could not recommend coming to the Intrepid Museum if your main focus is to see the space shuttle.

In front of the Enterprise Space Shuttle

Our last stop was the planes on the Intrepid flight deck.  There are signs with details about each plane, but there are certainly some interesting planes!

Posing with the A12 Blackbird

After leaving the Intrepid we ate at POM POM Diner, headed back to the YMCA, took a short break, and then headed off to Madison Square Garden for ABGT 100.

On the way to Madison Square Garden

We arrived part-way through the first set, which was a ‘deep’ set by Above & Beyond.  They were not on stage for this set, and were instead DJing the set from backstage.  It was a good, chill way to get settled into the venue.

The floor was pretty empty when we first arrived

From 8pm-9pm we enjoyed a high-energy set from Ilan Bluestone.  This set left us a bit tired, but we continued to dance at our seats for the 9pm-10pm set by Andrew Bayer.  We rested a good bit during the 10pm-11pm set by Matt Zo as we are not as big of fans of his musical style.

We enjoyed watching the lighting and visuals being done live from the booth

From 11pm-1am Above & Beyond took the stage and provided a great show with lots of old favourites as well as new mixes from the Anjuna kitchen.  Although some of these songs originally were not favourites, we have come to really enjoy them in the months that have followed.  The seating kept us from really connecting with anyone during the show, but we really enjoyed the production and music!

Eire use of lighting and smoke

Boom camera and a filled in floor

I’m setting you free when I’m breaking your heart…

Cool grid screens for visuals

 Life is made of small moments like these… <3

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