Prague Day 1

We arrived in Prague around 11am this morning.  Our first stop was at – Restraurace u Provaznice – a restaurant serving traditional Czech food that was recommended by our Rick Steves guide book.  We ordered a sampler plate containing all types of meats, dumplings, and cabbages.

Then we went to the Old Town Square, where we accidentally discovered a free concert at St Nicholas church.  A group of very talented orchestra students from John Septimus Roe Anglican school in Perth, Australia were performing Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and more. The conductor was Andrew Sutherland – a name that rings a bell to JT… We listened to their one hour concert, but must admit we fell asleep a few times.
Then we went to see the very touristy and popular Astronomical clock at 3pm.  Afterwards, we spent the next three hours touring the 6 sites that make up the Jewish History Museum.  The cost for all the Jewish History Museum sites except the Old New Synagogue was 300 crowns per person.  Overall, the exhibits were informative, interesting, and touching. The Spanish Synagogue was extremely beautiful and served as our last stop on the self-guided tour. We left having learned much more about Jewish culture, and being amazed at the amount of materials that had been saved – particularly by the Nazi’s, who were saving Jewish artifacts for their Museum of an Extinct Race.
Then we ate dinner at a Latin American restaurant – satisfying a craving for TexMex food from “home” – and wandered along the water to the Charles Bridge.

The sampler plate at Restraurace u Provaznice, with many types of meats and dumplings.

St Nicholas church in Prague Old Town Square.

Ceiling of St Nicholas church in Prague Old Town Square.

Astronomical clock in Prague Old Town Square.

Katie with Tyn Church in the background in Prague Old Town Square.

Cool panorama of Prague Old Town Square.

Katie in front of the Powder Town in Prague.

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