Night Train from Amsterdam to Prague

We took a City NightLine train (train #457) from Amsterdam to Prague. We left Amsterdam at 7:01pm and arrived in Prague around 11am (about 90 min late). We shared a 4-person couchette with two Korean girls. The 4-person couchette is much more spacious than the 6-person would have been – we’re very happy we opted for the 4-person one, as this allows us to be able to fully sit up in bed. We are also happy we got the lower bunks (berths 101 and 102 of car 173), as these seem slightly better than the upper bunks.

Katie spent some time on the train finalizing Prague plans. We both slept from around 10:30pm to 7:30am. JT didn’t sleep very well, due to the train movement and his allergies.

Our only real complaints with the train were the lack of soap in the bathroom, lack of cleanliness in the bathroom (partly due to the trashcan being broken and partly due to our fellow travelers), no shower (although we assumed this), and no dining car (although we brought food from Albert Heijns).

Our second class car on the City Nightline train between Amsterdam and Prague.

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