Robocup Draws Released

The schedule for the SPL league has been announced for Robocup 2013!  Not surprising to Katie since she is on the organizing committee and made the schedule.

Austin Villa will be playing Cerberus (from Istanbul, Turkey) and Berlin United (from Berlin, Germany) in the first round robin on Thursday June 27th.  We’ll play at 9am and 12:20pm that day.  We’ll also referee two games on Thursday.

Wednesday will feature two technical challenges – the drop-in player challenge and the open challenge.  The drop-in player challenge involves seven teams who each contribute one or two players to a team.  These ad hoc teams then play each other in a five minute match, and the players are rated based on (1) goals scored by their team and (2) how good of a teammate the human judges thought they were.  We’ll randomly select which players play on each team a few times.  Since this challenge is pretty relevant to the research done in Katie’s lab group, Austin Villa plans to submit a competitive agent to this challenge.  Austin Villa will also compete in the Open Challenge – which is essentially an opprotunity for each team to present Robocup-related research – presenting an extension on the thesis work of a team member who just graduated.

SPL timetable:
SPL results:
(both pages will be updated in real-time during the competition)

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