Catching up with a wonderful friend

Katie and I left Austin early to visit our good friend (and fellow Tech alumni) Heather in Houston. She is just settling in here in Houston after moving here from Austin to take a job with Accenture. Heather treated us to a wonderful Italian lunch (spaghetti, meatballs, bread and olive oil) so we would be well fed before our trip. Our only regret is that we couldn’t stay longer with her – or take her with us! 🙂

JT, Katie, and Heather at Heather’s house

One thought on “Catching up with a wonderful friend

  1. Ah,,, love it!! So glad y'all came to Houston early to see me!!! :))))

    So, I made my first batch of the pancakes on Sunday for breakfast, and ended up inviting my neighbor over (who is also from Austin) and it was a great way to get to know him better. Talk about sharing the love! 😀 And, I started listening to Dave Ramsey's CDs on my way to work this morning. I am SO excited to have those!! He's hilarious!! Thank you guys so much again!!!

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