Landed in Istanbul

We have arrived in Istanbul! We had a wonderful flight: great service, great food and plentiful drinks (check out the attached menu)! We both enjoyed a small bottle of wine with our meals and then shared a cup of raki, a Turkish liquor – which our flight attendant was confused to hear us Americans ordering. (Also I may have mispronounced it…)

Katie slept fairly well over the Atlantic. The seats not only reclined back, but also shifted forward (ala a LazyBoy). But JT – sitting in the middle of a 3-person set of seats – did not sleep well and resorted to enjoying the in-seat entertainment system to pass the time between naps. We were in seats 25J(T) and 25K(atie), which were on the right side of the plane, the second row of economy seats, right behind the emergency exit row, and unfortunately, the wing blocked most of our view out the window.

We woke to a delicious and large hot breakfast along with coffee for JT and “chai” (Turkish for tea) for Katie. Thankfully the coffee was the brewed variety and not “Turkish coffee” (grounds are left in the cup) which JT did not master the art of drinking during our time in Turkey in 2011.

While taxiing here in Istanbul, we saw the expo center where RoboCup 2011 was located – just half a mile from the airport.

We cleared international transfer security and are now in our 3 hour layover here in Istanbul (searching for WiFi…)
Food service menu
JT’s dinner
Our plane at the gate

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