Night in Dusseldorf

We arrived safely at our Dusseldorf hotel, the Avidon Design Hotel (, which is just one S-bahn stop from the Dusseldorf airport stop. Our three star Robocup players made it safely as well – Michael, Alison, and Arnold say hi from Germany! We had absolutely no issues in passport check or customs – we never even had to mention that we had robots. 🙂 Today was a very long day, but we think we’ll adjust to the time change pretty easily, as it’s 11pm here now, and we’re tired.

Tomorrow we’ll head over to Eindhoven, check-in to our hotel (Budgethotel de Zwaan, for nine nights!), and then go over to the Robocup venue to check field compliance and work on general organizing committee tasks. The rest of the Robocup team should arrive throughout the day tomorrow, and then the actual set-up process starts Monday.

Oh, and good news for everyone who wants to watch our games. There will be the normal Robocup stream that will broadcast one game at a time throughout the competition (, but we have to share this with all the leagues, so it’s unlikely you’ll see many of our games here. However, our league is also planning to live-steam atleast one game at all times, and maybe two. There are only four fields, so as reigning champions, this makes our chances good. 🙂 We’ll post links as we get them.

Transporting two backpacks and two robot cases between the train station and the Dusseldorf hotel.

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