Malatya to Antalya on Sun Express

After relaxing at cafés all day, we caught the scheduled Sun Express bus from downtown Malatya to the airport.  The Sun Express office where we had left our luggage for the day pointed us towards where the bus picked up, and we had no issues finding the pick-up area.

The bus departed from the ‘teacher guest house’ in downtown Malatya 2 hours and 15 minutes before the flight and was TL8/person.  We took some scenic photos from the bus.

Malatya is well-know for producing apricots

Sunset from the airport bus

The Malatya airport front entrance is nothing to be too excited about

Upon exiting the bus, we headed to the check-in counter along with everyone else from our bus.  We checked into our flight to Antalya with no issues and headed through security to the gate.

The gate at the Malatya airport was simple

From the gate we walked out to our plane!  They kept yelling at people who stopped to take pictures or chat with friends, but JT was still able to get a picture of our plane.

Our Sun Express plane from Malatya to Antalya

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