Antalya + Bus to Denizli

Upon arrival in Antalya we took a taxi to Star Pension in the Old Town Kaleici.  We checked in, and then wandered the cobblestone streets in the coolness of dark.  We found an overlook that seemed to look across a large bay, and lots of people were relaxing and socializing at the overlook.  It was a fun atmosphere!

The next morning we awoke early with many things to see on our list.  We enjoyed seeing the bay in the early morning, but quickly found the summer heat to be just terribly draining and oppressive.

Katie by Hadrian’s Gate

A poster advertising what seemed to be the equivalent of Vacation Bible School at a mosque

The equivalent of Vacation Bible School at a mosque

After attempting to continue to see and enjoy sites in the oppressive heat, we eventually decided to just go to a pay-to-enter beach for the rest of the afternoon instead of just checking sites off of our list.

The pay-to-enter beach was extremely crowded

We rented two snorkels and masks and enjoyed the nice fish viewing.  It was nothing amazing, but an entertaining way to spend some time.  As we were walking towards the shore, Katie felt a sharp pain in her left foot.  Once on the beach, it was obvious that her foot had a deep laceration. We used our first aid kit to clean and bandage the wound, and then went to gather our luggage from Star Pension and catch our bus to Denizli.

Star Pension

Ice cream on the bus to Denizli was a welcome treat!

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