Square Nest AirBnB (Belgrade, Serbia)

We stayed at Square Nest in Belgrade, Serbia for 8 nights.

We had originally booked this property through Booking.com for $277 for 8 nights. Katie searched the property name a few days before our stay was scheduled to begin and found it on AirBnB for just $200 for 8 nights shortly after our stay.

Since our Booking.com reservation was still freely cancellation, we canceled that reservation and waited overnight to see if availability would open up on AirBnB. When we checked the next day, it was indeed available at just $200 for our stay (all fees included).  Hence, we obtained a fully furnished apartment in the middle of Belgrade for just $25 a night.

The Hosts

The host responded quickly to communication on Booking.com and AirBnB. We never met the host. The host’s father was waiting at the apartment when we arrived on Saturday afternoon and we were told to just put the key in the mailbox when we left.

The Apartment

The apartment was fully furnished and felt comfortable. Everything we needed was provided, although some items like salt, shampoo and laundry detergent were running low so we replaced them.

The entrance hall had a large closet, a cabinet with the wifi router on top, and a storage rack with hooks. We turned the storage rack and the closet into our drying area for clothing coming out of the washing machine.

Entrance hall

The bathroom had a 6.5kg washing machine, shower box, toilet, sink, and shelfing. There were bath mats on the floor in the bathroom and there were plenty of towels and hooks to hang these towels on.

Our only complaint about the bathroom would be that the shower leaked a significant amount of water onto the floor during each shower.

The kitchen had a table with four chairs, a cabinet, a full-size refrigerator and a drying rack. There were plenty of mugs, glasses, plates, bowls, and utensils – as well as a tiny bit of dish washing soap that we managed to make last our entire stay.

We spent most of our time in the combined bedroom and living room. This room had a double bed, sleeper sofa couch, two chairs, a coffee table, a nightstand, a dresser with a TV on top, a standing heater, and an AC box. We set up our power box on top of the heater (which we never used) and worked in the living room. We measured the internet at 8.61Mbps up and 0.82Mbps down – but this was good enough for us. The internet connection dropped a few times during our stay due to a loose connection on the internet splitter box.

The bed felt fragile and seemed to dip in strange areas. Although multiple previous reviews said the bed was comfortable, we’d say it was actually somewhat uncomfortable and loud. This being said, we slept well and really enjoyed the black-out shutters.

The Neighborhood

We absolutely loved our neighborhood. It was very residential. There were stray cats that lived in a nearby lot and would eat around the dumpsters. There were many budget-friendly dining options as well as corner stores. There were also two large grocery stores within a 10 minute walk, one of which was open 24 hours.

Within 15-20 minutes, we could walk to the touristy areas as well.  But we enjoyed the feel of our neighborhood much more than the touristy areas.

Overall Thoughts

We were very happy with our stay at Square Nest.  It was great to have our own space to settle into for 8 nights. We had planned to do multiple 4th night free bookings using our Citi Prestige card – but most cheaper lodging options in Belgrade wouldn’t take credit cards. So we found that booking an apartment was the cheapest lodging option – and also ended up being the most comfortable for us.

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