Rome, Italy to Munich, Germany on Vueling

After arriving at the airport we went to the Vueling check-in counters in Terminal 3 and waited in the ‘bag drop’ line since we had already checked in online.

In theory, the bag drop line should move much quicker than the check-in line – but in this case it was much slower. The check-in agent was friendly though – she even printed us new boarding passes on card stock. When we checked in, she also noted that our flight would likely be a little delayed.

We cleared security quickly and then headed to the I Mosiac lounge with our Priority Pass card. While in the lounge, we found that our flight would be about an hour late.

The I Mosaic lounge was pretty simple, but it provided some desk areas, decent wifi, various alcoholic, non-alcoholic, and coffee drinks from a manned bar, and light fresh snacks including a cold vegetable soup, breads, chicken lasagna, salads, and more.

I Mosaic lounge in Rome

We left the lounge at 7:20pm to walk to our D10 gate. Once we got to the gate we noticed a long boarding line. It moved quickly though.

Vueling gate for our Rome to Munich flight

We boarded into 28” pitch slim line seats in row 7 on the Vueling A320. The plane was about 90% full. JT noticed that with this flight Vueling was his 50th recorded airline (and 23rd unique this year).

The plane pushed back at 8:08pm and took off at 8:22pm. We were both tired – JT slept the entire flight while Katie listened to podcasts and blogged. After a pretty bumpy ride for much of the flight, we landed at 9:33pm and reached the gate at 9:37pm.

Seats on Vueling flight

The Vueling flight wasn’t comfortable, but it was the best and quickest option – and it allowed us a full day of sightseeing in Rome.

Seats on Vueling with 28″ pitch

After a long walk to the S-bahn station in the airport and some long lines and issues with the ticket machines, we finally bought two 11.20 tickets and boarded the 10:24pm S8 to Comfort Hotel am Medienpark. We arrived at Unterfohring station at 10:41pm and walked a few minutes to the Comfort Hotel am Medienpark.

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