Nagoya, Japan to Tokyo, Japan

Since the only direct flights between Nagoya and Tokyo Hanada were too early or too late to be ideal, we opted to take one of the frequent (about every 10 minutes) high speed Shinkansen trains from Nagoya to Tokyo in the late afternoon.

We decided to go eat at Ichiran Nagoya Sakae again before taking the subway to Nagoya station.

Dining area at Ichiran Nagoya Sakae.

The ramen at Ichiran Nagoya Sakae was excellent and filling.  We also love the eating environment.

Delicious ramen at Ichiran Nagoya Sakae.

JT was really hungry, so he ordered a bowl of extra noodles to add to the ramen broth after finishing the initial noodles.

Extra noodles at Ichiran Nagoya Sakae.

As we were walking to the subway from lunch, we found a square with a large fountain. Katie wasn’t feeling good, so she sat at the fountain for a while while JT went to a corner store to get some water.  After sitting and relaxing for a while, we took the subway to Nagoya Station.

Park near Sakae station.

Once at Nagoya Station, we bought our Shinkansen tickets on site (10,360 yen / $93.46 per person) and boarded the next Shinkansen bound for Tokyo Station.

JT’s Shinkansen train ticket from Nagoya to Tokyo.

Cars 1-3 were unreserved on our train, so we entered Car 1 and found seats with no issue. In fact, the train was empty enough that we were each able to have our own two-seat row for the 95 minute ride from Nagoya Station to Tokyo Station.

JT on the train shortly after boarding in Nagoya.

The Shinkansen trains are frequent, comfortable, and clean. But it’s crazy that flying would have been about the same cost or even a little cheaper!

Once at Tokyo station, we were pleased to find that connections on JR trains were included in our Shinkansen ticket.

Orderly lines for the JR train in Tokyo.

We took a JR train to Bacocho station, found exit A1, and then only had to walk a block and a half in light rain to First Cabin Nihonbashi Yokoyama.

The JR trains in Toko were very crowded. We waited for the next train.

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