Osaka, Japan to Kyoto, Japan

We left the Comfort Hotel Osaka Shinsaibashi around 6:30pm. We walked to a nearby subway station and took the subway to the Keihan Main Line. JT acted like a superhero trying to carry as much weight as possible since Katie’s back was still not doing well.

We were lucky enough to board the Keihan Main Line at it’s origin (Yodoyabashi station), so Katie was able to grab a seat for the 47 minute ride. The train got really crowded as it left Osaka, but it emptied out a good bit about half-way to Kyoto.

By chance we happened to be in the first train car and behind the clear window behind the driver’s cab. This allowed us to watch out the driver’s front window along the 47 minute ride from Osaka to Kyoto. This was especially fun since the sun set during our ride.

It was fun looking out the front window of the train.

We were pleased how easy it was to travel between Osaka and Kyoto – we were even able to use our Sucia IC stored value card for the entire journey since we did not switch regions during the trip. In total, the trip cost 410 yen ($3.64) per person.

We exited the Keihan Main Line at Shichijo station and walked about 7 minutes to K’s House Kyoto. We checked into our ‘standard twin’ room on the 6th (top!) floor of the main building. Our room had a bunk bed, sofa, and desk.  The beds were ‘make it yourself’ style and the shared bathrooms were right across the hall.  This would be home for our four nights in Kyoto!

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