Chicago 2016 – Workday in Chicago

Today we spent most of the day working in our Super 8 motel room. Strangely – but luckily – it had two desks and solid wifi.

For lunch, Katie saw there was Istanbul Bazaar cafe about 0.8 miles from the motel. After seeing pide on the menu and excellent reviews on Google, we were sold! However, once we started walking, it became quickly apparent that we would be forced to walk through a construction project extending along most of our route. There were no sidewalks, so we walked along the side of the road. This was daunting with all of the large trucks going to the warehouses in the area, but the walk was not as dangerous as we expected.

We ordered pide, İskender kebap, a simit bagel and two glasses of tea at the check-out counter in the small shop. We sat in the small dining area and enjoyed our tea as we waited for our food. This cafe seems to be the real deal, with many Turkish customers.

When the food arrived, it looked and tasted wonderful! The pide looked, smelled, and tasted exactly as it had in Turkey. The meat in the İskender plate also brought back fond memories. We slowly savored and enjoyed our meals while sipping on the self serve, free refills tea.

It seems you normally order at the pickup window and pay when leaving, as the cashier lady seemed confused when we said we paid when we entered. The food is not the cheapest, but for $25 we had an excellent meal.

After lunch, we walked to Office Depot to get a USB drive and then back to the Super 8. We worked for the rest of the day.

We were not too hungry for dinner, but decided to get 6” subs from Subway for dinner so as to not awake hungry. We both got the sub of the day: sweet onion chicken teriyaki.

After dinner we returned to the room, packed, and – since we had scheduled a 4:30am shuttle pickup – called it an early night.

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