Europe Summer 2016 – Hamburg Day 1

This post is written by Katie about her first night in Hamburg on the way to Copenhagen.

After arriving at Hamburg Hbf, I walked over to the Hamburg Generator hostel.  I had stayed at this hostel last fall for IROS, so I knew its faults coming in.  It was interesting coming back to a city for the third time in less than a year and coming back to stay in the exact same place.

Check-in was quick and easy since everything had already been paid on Agoda.  I was assigned room 230, which I believe is the exact same room I was in last time!

After settling into my room – which actually had a functioning locker at this Generator – I went out to the REWE grocery store in a mall by Alster Lake.  I bought a salad, two breads, milk, and guacamole for 7.02€.  I’m not sure if that supermarket was just expensive, or whether Hamburg is that much more expensive than Berlin.

View from my dinner perch

I took my dinner out to the lake, and found a much more active scene by the lake than last fall.  Many people were out just chilling around the lake.  I found a nice perch from which to enjoy my dinner and views of the lake.

There were many people chilling by the lake tonight.

After I finished my feast, I walked over to see the Rathas as well as the many food stalls set up in it’s square.  Then I started to walk around Lake Alster, but decided based on the wind and clouds that it would likely rain soon.  With this in mind, I headed back to the hostel.  On the way back I enjoyed watching trains come and go from Hamburg Hbf.

Once back at the hostel, I got my laptop and headed to the lounge area to blog, plan out tomorrow, and set up slides for tomorrow in case I need them.

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