Europe Summer 2016 – Copenhagen Day 1

This post is written by Katie about her first night in Copenhagen.

Urban House Copenhagen uses an automated check-in process where you get an email and a text with a code.  This code gets you access to both the house as well as an assigned room.  This worked well for me.

My bed at Urban House after I put the sheets on and settled in some.

I was assigned a 6-bed female dorm as I had booked.  My lower bunk mate, a girl from Egypt who had lived in Las Angeles for a couple years, was in the room when I arrived.  We chatted for a while before we both headed our separate ways to explore.  She was heading to the old amusement park in downtown Copenhagen, while I decided to just wander the neighborhood for a while.

It took me a long time to track down an ATM – although in hindsight, there were many close to the house.  I just did not happen to wander by any on my path for a long time.  Once I had cash, I headed to Lidl to get some snacks for dinner.  I ended up getting three pastries, a liter of milk, and two beers for 297 DKK (about $4.38).

Dinner view 🙂

With snacks in hand, I found a park surrounding a lake.  There were many people with picnics sitting around the lake, so I joined them.  After enjoying my dinner, I took a quick walk around the lake and headed back to Urban House.

When I went to grab my laptop from my room, I found three Norwegian girls preparing to go out for the night.  They had come into town for a Beyoncé concert, but had decided to make a long weekend out of it.  We chatted for a bit and then I headed downstairs to blog and catch up on my laptop.  I ended up staying up later than I really should have.

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