Kuala Lumpur Milege Run 2 – Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo Narita

This post is written by Katie about her return from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo during her second 2016 mileage run to Kuala Lumpur.

JAL’s check-in didn’t open until just under 3 hours before departure

Upon arriving at KLIA, I saw that JAL check-in was in area J. However, when I went to area J, there were signs out stating check-in was from 8pm to 10:10pm and about 10 Malaysian airlines agents sitting behind the counters chatting.

Since I had an hour to spend before check-in, I wandered down a long hallway to an impressive airfield viewing area. The viewing area can watch both runways as well as much of both terminals. There is a lot of spread out seating, and its definitely worth the walk.

While out at the viewing area, I tried one last time to check in for my JAL flights. AA routed through to JAL this time, but seat selection was very limited despite Expert Flyer showing decent availability.

Check-in had a line for both economy and business/elites when I arrived shortly before check in was scheduled to open. I tried to get my seats reassigned to aisle seats at check-in, but was only successful for the first flight.

I received a printed lounge invite

I quickly cleared customs and preliminary security before heading to the Cathay Pacific lounge. It did not have any showers though, so I walked to the Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge.

I got some food – potatoes, carrots, green beans, and a traditional Malaysian oatmeal with nuts and fruits – and charged my electronics. After a while I went to take a shower.

The shower situation at the Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge was not the best. You trade your boarding pass for a towel and little shampoo and soap containers. Then you pick a shower stall. These stalls were very simple – a shower compartment, a counter, a hook and a hairdryer with just cold air. There wasn’t a shelf in the shower nor a trashcan.

I headed to gate C6 after showering, cleared gate security, and boarded soon after in the free for all ‘priority’ boarding phase. No one checked boarding cards during boarding, so everyone boarded during the priority phase.

I was seated in seat 16H, an outer aisle in the second economy row. The seats were normal JAL seats – wide, lots of pitch, nice seatback pockets. However, like most JAL seats they also promoted slouching.

I was surprised to wake to find a sticker attached to the seat in front of me.

Apparently I was very tired upon boarding. I remember push-back, but not take off. I ended up sleeping through the departure snack, but was given a fish sandwich and rice crackers quickly upon waking. After the snack, I quickly fell back asleep. I also slept through breakfast. When I awoke to an announcement that we would be landing in 60 minutes, I noticed a sticker on my seat saying to contact the flight crew if I needed anything.

I figured it was too late for breakfast – and I could eat in the lounge anyway – but was surprised when a flight attendant came by and asked if I wanted my breakfast. I said sure, and it arrived shortly after.

Breakfast in JAL economy

Breakfast was a watery but good spinach omelet with a hotdog and beans. It was served with tasty but not sweet fruit yogurt, a chicken salad with corn and beans, a roll, and three pieces of fruit.

We landed uneventfully at 6:36am and I woke up quickly to start gathering data for my JAL 787-800 review on The Points Guy.

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