Kuala Lumpur Mileage Run 1 – American Airlines from Austin to Dallas

We woke at 4:15am for our 6:59am flight. We drove to UT and parked in Katie’s garage. Then, since the 100 Airport Flyer was not running early enough for our flight, we took an Uber Pool to the airport. We waited just a couple minutes for this early morning ride, and ended up paying just $6.22 due to getting the Uber Pool rate. We hope our poor driver (Christian) got more than this for the 17-minute, 13-mile drive!!

Poor Christian

Once at the airport we quickly checked in using the AA priority lane. We sped through security using TSA Pre, and then headed to the Admirals Club lounge.

The Admirals Club lounge was relatively empty, but had a selection of yogurt, cereals, granola, and fruits for breakfast.

Admirals Club breakfast choices

Although Katie was listed as first on the upgrade list, the third person on the list was given the last available First class seat. So much for going by the stated upgrade order…

American Airlines Flight 1595 – Austin to Dallas
Austin–Bergstrom International (AUS): Gate 17; Runway 17R; Scheduled: 6:59a; Pushback: 6:52a; Takeoff: 7:02a
Dallas-Fort Worth International (DFW): Terminal A, Gate A16; Runway 17C; Scheduled: 8:04a; Landing: 7:47a; Gate Arrival: 7:53a
Flight Time: 0h 45m; Actual miles: 280
N827NN; Boeing 737-823; First Flight: Feb 15, 2010; 160 seats (16 F / 30 E+ / 114 E)
Seat: JT: 9D (aisle), Katie: 9F (window), Main Cabin Extra

We had MCE seats for the short hop to DFW – JT was surprised how little extra leg room these seats provided though. He slept in the aisle seat for the majority of the flight though, while Katie sat in the window seat and enjoyed podcasts and looking out the window. A lady got stuck in the middle seat between us, but also managed to sleep for the majority of the flight.

Before our seatmate boarded
Our bird from Austin to Dallas

After deplaning at an A gate, we walked through the B terminal and then the D terminal on the way to the D terminal Admiral’s Club.

#AvGeek -ing during our layover – on the walkway between A and B

We were humored along the way by seeing a tiny American Eagle at gate D14 – the gate our British Airways 747 departed from four months prior! Seems like it’s quite a versatile gate.

Our British Airways 747 departed from this same gate!

We also had fun playing a “where would you go?” game, with a special rule that you couldn’t backtrack (so you only had one chance to decide on the destination). JT ended up choosing a Korean Air flight to Seoul, South Korea and Katie picked the Japan Airlines Dreamliner to Tokyo – a flight which we currently have six legs booked on this November to next February.

During our walk we enjoyed the yoga studio in the walkway between the C and D gates as well as the many mosaics on the floor in the D terminal.

A nice place for a stretch after a few miles of walking

We managed to each get our 10,000 steps for the day before heading to the Admiral’s Club at 10:15am!

The Admirals Club was rather crowded during our visit. We found two seats overlooking the airfield though, and enjoyed watching planes take-off and land. We both enjoyed some breakfast snacks and sparkling wine – as well as our last free WiFi for a while!

We love the view from the Terminal D Admirals Club!
Breakfast of champions 🙂

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