Palma Day 2

After a late night, we slept in until 10:30am, and then relaxed around the room and packed until 12:15pm.

Once we finished packing, we decided to go eat at Cevicheria Lima y Limon (Francesc de Borja Moll, 24A), which we had walked by the previous day but it had been closed. It was open today, so we we sat and ordered some Peruvian style ceviche (€12) and a mango chicken with rice dish (€8.5). The two dishes were both very good, but very different which made it especially interesting to switch between one and the other. The ceviche was a rather large dish with two types of ‘corn’, onions, sweet potato, fish, and a lime sauce. The chicken dish was multiple breast pieces of meat with a creamy mango sauce on top, and a dark vinegar sauce drizzled on the side. The rice was served interestingly in a can, and had little raisins mixed in. JT had a beer with his breakfast – “in the Spanish style” per our AirBnB host Deborah (€2.5) – and Katie had a Coke Light (€2). Again, we had a meal that was surprisingly tasty but a bit expensive for our style. This total ended up being €25 (~$27.5).

Mango chicken dish
Can of rice that came with the mango chicken dish
Peruvian style ceviche

JT tried to check us in for our Iberia and British Airways flights tomorrow, but the Iberia site kept giving him issues claiming our passports were not issued in the USA. He called both British Airways and Iberia customer service via Google Voice on his laptop during our lunch meal, but the BA agent couldn’t help him and he got nowhere with the unhelpful Iberia agent.

I have reviewed it… and it’s right!!

After lunch, we walked through Plaza Cort and past the Cathedral to Parc de Mar and the city walls. The views of the Cathedral were awesome in the early afternoon from the park. We see why people said the views were great from Guinness House bar, but you can also get the view for free from the entire park.

Plaza Cort was surprisingly clean after the New Year’s Eve festivities
Steps leading to the Palma cathedral
Palma Cathedral from Parc de Mar

We walked back to the apartment, finished packing our bags, and checked out with our AirBnB host’s ‘boyfriend’ (we never did see the host herself). Then we caught the 1 bus from Plaza Espanya to the airport (3:44pm pickup, €3/person). The bus trip was scheduled to take 27 minutes, but we made the journey in closer to 15 minutes. Like the 1 bus we had taken from the ferry, this bus also had a luggage rack. It seems all of the 1s might have this, which makes it easy to carry larger luggage on the bus.

1 Bus to the airport

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