British Airways from London to Austin

Connecting in London Heathrow Terminal 5 was relatively easy and quick using the Fast Pass lanes available to business class passengers as well as OneWorld elites. Security took a bit of time still, mainly due to only two lines being dedicated to Fast Track and Express Connection passengers.

After connecting, we went to the British Airways South Gallery lounge, which was located shortly after leaving security.

The South lounge had great views of a runway that seemed to be used purely for arrivals during our time in the lounge.

BA 747 arriving outside the lounge window

We had some snacks and drinks in the main part of the lounge before moving to a quieter place in the lounge in order to escape the multiple children running wild in the main part of the lounge. Children are fine in the lounge, but if they are being disruptive the parents should really take them to the children’s area/room in the lounge (that’s what it is there for!).

Pastries in the lounge for breakfast
Yogurt and fruit in the lounge for breakfast

Since our flight was departing out of the C gates and JT was writing a review, we left the lounge well before our flight. We stopped by a pharmacy to get some cold medicine for Katie on our way to C gates.

We arrived at the C gates about 30 minutes before boarding began. JT was able to get some good pictures before queuing to board first.

Our crowded C gate for our Austin to London 777 flight

Strangely, there was no additional security before boarding (as there normally is for US bound flights). Perhaps flights are randomly selected for additional screening?

British Airways Flight 191 – London to Austin
London Heathrow (LHR): Terminal 5, Gate C52; Runway 9R; Scheduled: 11:30a; Pushback: 11:30a; Takeoff: 11:57a
Austin–Bergstrom International (AUS): Gate 3; Runway 35R; Scheduled: 4:15p; Landing: 3:51p; Gate Arrival: 3:57p

Flight Time: 9h 54m; Actual miles: 5,532
G-YMMH; Boeing 777-236(ER); First Flight: Sept 27, 2000; 219 seats (12 F / 48 B / 32 E+ / 127 E)
Seat: JT: 14K (window), Katie: 13K (window), “Club World” (Business)

The seats on this 777 looked very similar to those on our recent 747. The main differences were (1) no cabinets beside the seats and (2) these seats had an extra pad/cover on them.

Katie considering the menu options
Katie sleeping comfortably

Our business ‘Club World’ cabin was very full on this flight. That made it a very different experience than our small and rather empty cabin on our flight to London, but not a bad experience. Read all about it once JT’s review is posted.

Katie in her cubby with the divider down
Both of us in our cubbies

Both Katie and I saw a DHL plane scream by, at a nearly 90* angle to our plane seemingly passing right behind our plane. The DHL plane was certainly the closest we had ever seen another plane come to us in the air. When we mentioned it to the crew, the cabin manager even called up to the cockpit to ask about it. The cockpit responded that the DHL plane was 2,000 feet above us, but they “made sure to waive as we went by”. JT isn’t convinced that it was 2,000 feet above us… but, surely the automated collision detection system would have sounded in both cockpits if we were in danger of colliding.

One we reached Austin, we took our time packing up and JT asked to see the flight crew. The captain let us see the cockpit and even sit in the pilot seats! British Airways really has been great this trip!

In the 777 cockpit!!!

Even with taking time to talk to the captain, see the cockpit, and take pictures – we still had to wait 30 additional minutes in baggage claim before our bags came out.

We went to the roof of the rental car parking garage to take pictures of the 777 before catching the 5:30pm airport flyer to JT’s office.

Viewing the 777 from the rental car parking deck

There were so many birds congregating near arrivals in Austin

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