Montreal to Austin

This post is written by Katie, about her return trip from Montreal for the 15th Annual North American Bird Strike Conference.

I awoke at 4:20am to catch the 5:07am 747 airport bus from a stop near HI-Montreal. While waiting for the bus, it was interesting that about 90% of the vehicles on the road were taxis. The 747 bus arrived 6 minutes late, but then sped down the highway to the airport.

Once at the airport I dropped a few postcards into the mail box before struggling to find the American check-in desks. Signs in the airport should be clearer.

After dropping off my checked bag, I easily went through security and American customs (no Global Entry option though). I saw a Canadian guy ahead of me get rejected entry to the United States because he told the border agent he had no particular reason to travel to the US nor no particular destination. Wow!

Once at my gate – about 40 minutes before boarding would begin – I watched my plane get towed the gate and blogged for a while.

My American plane from Montreal to DFW

Waiting at the gate in Montreal

Once on board, I was happy to find that I had an entire row to myself!  I stayed awake through take-off and drink service, but then I laid down across my three-seat row and fell asleep.  I woke up shortly before landing, feeling nicely rested.

In the DFW airport, there were plenty of appealing breakfast options.  I chose Popeyes and then wandered the terminal for a while during my layover.  I eventually headed to my gate, which was in an area that was being renovated so seating was limited and there were no views of the tarmac.

I had received a free upgrade to first class a few days earlier, so I was able to enjoy first class for the short DFW to Austin flight.  It was a comfortable 60 minutes!

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