Beijing departure (JT)

This post is written by JT, about the start of his trip home from China.
We were told that the taxi to the airport would take an hour, we scheduled our taxi to arrive at 4 am for Katie’s 6:15am flight. But, with it being so early in the morning, there was no traffic and we got there in about 20 minutes.

After waiting for the Air China domestic ticket counter to open (at 4:55am), Katie checked her bag and we said our goodbyes.

I still had over an hour before my check-in desk would open. So – after grabbing some gifts – I stopped by a Family Mart and got a final taste of China: Roasted Beef Noodle soup and a bottled sweet green tea. The bill was just ¥8.9, but I had no cash and had to charge this laughably small amount.

After getting boxed out of the final open seat in an area, I decided to check out the upstairs food area. I figured that I could get coffee or something to justify my being up there… But no one was there! It was just a nice seating area that seems to be used by a restaurant when they are open. I had my breakfast in peace.

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