British Airways 787 Austin to London

This post is written by Katie, about her flight from Austin to London on the British Airways 787.

My 6:10pm British Airways flight to London left at 6:41pm due to weather causing the inbound flight to be delayed.

My 25A seat was over the wing. Although my row was full with three people (3-3-3 setup), the 787 Dreamliner did not feel too cramped. We ate dinner around 7:45pm. I had chicken curry with rice, salad, cake, bread, tea, water and white wine. The food was very good (almost to Turkish Air standards). Dinner was cleaned up by 8:30pm.

The new Dreamliner is nice! The wings are fun to watch – from an engineering standpoint, it seems to be the future of aviation. On the ground they are flat like a normal plane, but in the air they curve upward like a bird! The seats are comfortable, the 5 button-press setting windows are cool (5 brightness settings replace normal window shades), and the in-seat entertainment is extensive. I watched three episodes of Parks and Rec, some Simon’s Cat videos, and played with their cool interactive flight tracking system. It was a very nice experience. We also got nice headphones (not earbuds), a blanket, and a toothbrush with toothpaste.

 Such cool wings!

Simon’s Cat on the in-seat entertainment system

The guy sitting in the middle seat of my row decided to move to a seat at the back of the plane once we realized the back was pretty empty. I tried to go to sleep around 9am, but promptly lost an earplug and realized I had taken the leaky inflatable neck pillow. I slept decently, but awaking at 2:15am Austin time (8:15am London time, 9:15am Brussels time) was rough!

The lady on the aisle of my row was pretty down on the plane (complaining about sleeping poorly and the armrests not raising completely – but she also noted that last time she flew on this route she was in first class, which she also proceeded to complain about). I thought it was a good flight, nice plane, and good service – so I guess she was probably the type that complains no matter what happens.

Breakfast consisted of tea, a croissant with jam, a granola bar, and craisons. It was actually pretty filling.

I watched more Simon’s cat during breakfast and then found that there’s a dance music section on the in-flight music – and there is a 2-hr British Airways Above and Beyond Group Therapy session! The first part is a bit ‘deep’ for me, but I’ll be sure to listen to the whole session on my return flight.

Above & Beyond on the in-seat entertainment selections

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