JT’s wild day: Austin-Dallas-Houston-Austin

JT here. I wanted to write a quick blog post about my crazy day yesterday:

3:30 am: wake in Austin
3:45 am: drive to office
4:00 am: arrive at office, perform miscellaneous tasks
4:15 am: carpool with co-workers to Austin airport
4:45 am: cleared security
6:10 am: Southwest 1017 scheduled departure for Dallas Love Field – position A23, phone battery: ~25%
7:00 am: arrival at Dallas Love Field
7-9 am: shuttle to Alamo rental car, pick up rental car, breakfast at Bread Winners Cafe (JT had the breakfast burrito), discuss meeting points
9:30 am: arrival at client’s site and tour office
9:45 am-1:30 pm: meeting with client (one of my firm’s most important clients)
1:30 pm: depart for airport
1:45 pm: return rental car and pick up shuttle to terminal
2:00-ish: JT changes flight from Southwest 498 (DAL-AUS) to Southwest 37 (DAL-HOU) which departs at 3:30 pm – pay $50 extra for difference in fare between this flight and my original flight. Boarding: C5
2:20 pm: clear security
2:30 pm: get on standby list for 3:00 pm flight (Southwest 35, DAL-HOU). The list quickly grows to 15 people. Text plans to Katie and my uncle in Houston. Shut off phone ~8% battery
2:50 pm: ticketed on Southwest 35, boarding position A50
3:30 pm: depart Dallas
4:14 pm: land in Houston
4:37 pm: Houston Metro bus #88 (Hobby Airport) Cost: $1.25
5:24 pm: arrive downtown (later than scheduled)
5:35 pm: board Metro bus #255 (Kingwood Park & Ride) Cost: $4.50 (paid $5, no change). Update Katie and Uncle Mike and turn phone back off. Fascinating discussion with a 71 year old fellow lover of travel.
6:35 pm: arrive Houston Park & Ride
6:45 pm: dinner at Three B’s Grill with Uncle Mike, Aunt Brenda and my cousin Kristen
8:00 pm: arrive back at uncle’s house, look through my new car’s (2004 Honda Accord EX) paperwork
8:20 pm: depart for Austin. Fighting traffic, construction, massive detours, and exhaustion. Stopping for caffeine, phone charger, gas, a kolache, and to walk around 
1:00 am: arrive back at office, grab house keys
1:20 am: arrive back home, shower and go to sleep

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