RoboCup 2013 Pre-Setup Day

We have arrived! The event organizers are still setting up the fields and the venue is closed to everyone. But we were able to get in, as Katie is the Organizing Committee Chair (and acting Technical Committee Chair). So we need to check the fields to ensure compliance with the rules.

Ends up we need to paint the goals (yellow from the white they currently are), change penalty ‘dots’ to ‘crosses’, and assign teams to tables – as we have 19 tables (152 seats) for 22 teams / 151 participants.

SPL fields with white goals.

One thought on “RoboCup 2013 Pre-Setup Day

  1. Great panaroma view of the facility you sent – I watched the timelapse video on the Robocup 2013 website on how the built the facility starting June 10th, 2013 – they really put it up quickly! Love you both, Glenda and Gene.

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