In the mist of Robocup 2013 Set-up Day 1

We’re currently in the middle of Robocup 2013 set-up day 1.  We spent the morning dealing with various organizing committee tasks, including (1) claiming three of our goals back from the humanoid league, after they took ours because they hadn’t painted any of theirs yet, (2) drawing the throw-in lines, (3) realizing that the ‘official’ game balls looked to have multiple shades under the strong lighting, and (4) settling various other disputes regarding the rules and how they apply to the venue.

Jake is working on making the color table now, so Katie is not terribly busy at the moment.  The fields are super fast though, so the longer kick Katie has been working on might not be needed.  In any case, Austin Villa will need to determine how long their kicks are going – but this must happen after the color table is made and multiple other calibration procedures occur.

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